Monday, May 25, 2009

26 days to go...

Counting down the days to the much anticipated Corsica trip. We spent a whole load more at the weekend getting bits and pieces together. More base layers (just because they're great), a lighter-weight jacket because we realised we'd roast to death in our 3 season jacket (obviously the missing season is summer...), lightweight canvas trousers, waterproofs, a first aid kit. The list is never-ending. This trip's going to end up costing more than a month's cruise round the Caribbean! The problem is we haven't got any of this stuff already, so it's the initial outlay that's so expensive! One thing I got that I didn't anticipate having to get was a new pair of sunglasses. Last weekend's jaunt up into the mountains with my regular sun specs had left me with such a painful nose and a headache that lasted for 3 days. I invested in a pair of these "Saar"by Baruffaldi. Initial tests feel very comfortable. I'll let you know if they're up to the job when I've been out in them.

Unfortunately "Delilah" is nearly due for her 1000km service, so we've got to ration our trips out. She's going in in the middle of June, and since we've already done a bit over 400km on her, it doesn't leave much room for commuting and trips.

We're still waiting to get the topcase and panniers. We should be ordering those at the beginning of June. I hope I can still hoik myself up on the back when they're on. Getting on's okay at the moment, but I do have trouble getting off. Any tips?

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