Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Trip on Ruby

On Sunday 11th June, we went on our first trip on the brand spanking new Ruby. We set off quite early because they were closing to road near us for a marathon. Off we went on a gorgeous sunny autumn morning, up towards Il Lago delle Ninfe, 1500m up towards the peak of the highest mountain in Emilia Romagna, Mt. Cimone. The ride up was spectacular, with the autumn colours still not really in full flow in the lowlands, absolutely beautiful up at altitude. The lake was pretty much deserted, but we did find a little "refuge" where we had lunch outside in the autumn sun, amongst the butterflies and a squirrel high up in the treetops.

On the way down we stopped off at Sestola that was hosting a chocolate fair. After buying some goodies, we set off home. Unfortunately due to a lack of forward planning, there are no photographs to show for this trip. Pity because the scenery was the best I've seen anywhere. Still, there's always next time...

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