Saturday, November 21, 2009

Planning for next summer's trip

So, with winter settling in and rides out a bit few and far between, our attentions have turned to next summer and where we're going to go on a "big trip". We've toyed with North Cape and Cappadocia, but we've all but set our hearts on Morocco. The idea is still embryonic, but we are gathering ideas about where we'd like to go. We'd appreciate any tips or comments about the most picturesque places and nice places to stay. We won't be going off-road or venturing into the dunes, so no tips needed there, thanks!


  1. Morrocco? this is my cousin:


    go paragliding with him! you know you want to!

    sophie xxx

  2. why can't I edit that? I meant to say - if you want me to ask his advice about where to go, I can do; he's been living there for years and is getting married to a Moroccan girl soon, so I think he might have some ideas if you like... You driving from Italy?