Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 days to go...

So, back after a trip to the UK where more shopping was done towards the "World's most expensive one week motorcycle trip to Corsica".

We've finally got the panniers and top box after much chaos with Paypal and the fellow in Germany where we bought them. I have to say we managed to save a lot by buying from him and his website appears in our "web sites we like" list. The panniers and bag inserts are really impressive and I can see why they cost as much as they did... well, sort of! The key programming is fun, and my best suggestion to anyone programming their own keys is to read the instructions very carefully... nuff sed ;-)

The delightful Delilah is off having her first service at 1000km, and we'll fetch her tonight. All that's left (apart from more shopping) is to finally decide what we're taking and pack!

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