Friday, June 19, 2009


So, tomorrow we're off to Corsica... in the car... Not quite what we had planned but at least we're still going. It could be months before the chaos of the bike is sorted out, so there goes our summer of adventure with Delilah. We are both stunned, angry and bitter about what's happened. We had 3 weeks' riding time in total. Must be a world record. I wish all the bad karma in the world upon those responsible for stealing our motorbike. They have no right to walk this earth.

Since this blog is supposed to be a biking tours blog, I suppose there won't be much to add to it until we get a replacement bike. I'll post info about our Corsica trip and any updates concerning getting a bike sorted out. Then I'll resume with a vengeance... if it's not the middle of bloody winter by then! Catch you in a week ;-)

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