Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Verona via Concordia

The usual weekend scenario was unfolding. Saturday was wet and miserable, and Sunday initially looked uncertain. Still, we'd decided to join a bike meeting in Concordia, so after breakfast we headed north to see what it was all about. It was pleasantly warm, and only a few minutes into our journey, we were already riding out of the gloom and into the blue. Ahead of us was a beautiful clear sky and the sun was shining. The roads were really quiet due to it being a national holiday; Liberation Day. We arrived at Concordia too late to register for the various events taking place but enjoyed looking at all the bikes and watching them take off for a trip around the town.

The noise was incredible and I could just imagine my mum saying, "I can't be doing with all this noise!" Still, two biker nuns were interested, leaning out of an upstairs window opposite to where we were standing! One of the highlights was seeing a couple on their bike complete with small dog in harness. That was just too cute!

After all this excitement we vowed that we'd definitely arrive early enough to register for the next event, and decided to head off up to Verona to be tourists for the afternoon. The journey up was fantastic, riding through lovely countryside and pretty villages. One village had three houses with red washing on the line. I don't know whether this was a political statement, being Liberation Day and all, or if they all work at the same local factory with an interesting dress code! A highlight of the journey was riding over the Po. What a magnificent river, what a fabulous view. The bridge was pretty nice, too.
We got to Verona at lunch time and found somewhere simple to eat. We followed this up with a delicious fresh fruit salad in one of the squares. Made a change from ice cream.
After a look around and a sit down, we headed back home, stopping at Mattioli's for our traditional ice cream.

km: 223

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