Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday ride around

We actually managed to get up early enough to reach our destination at a reasonable time on Saturday, only to find we'd arrived too early. Never mind. We were attending an event in San Prospero sulla Secchia to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the death of Fabrizio Provasi, a young biker from Medolla who lost his life in a biking accident.
There were various stalls and exhibitions of weird and wonderful cars and a few bikes. The main event was an exhibition of the daredevil antics of a trio of motorcycle stunt riders.
The best bit for me however, was a group ride out around the neighbouring villages. We had a police escort and they held up the traffic for us. I could just imagine this in the UK... Not... The other motorists and villagers smiled and some waved. Enough said...

A trip to an amazing local museum had also been arranged. On show over three floors was a vast array of historical farming and industrial equipment. It is owned and curated by two bothers who will open up and show visitors around through prior arrangement.

This brought us roughly up to lunch time and trying to decide where to go and eat. It was a Bank Holiday for Labour Day and unlike in the UK, pretty much everywhere was closed, including the first choice of restaurant on our list. We decided to head over to Fiorano where Claudio knew there was a really nice restaurant. A yummy seafood lunch was eaten and enjoyed.
After lunch, with it being such a lovely day, attention turned to where we'd go next. I remembered that one of my favourite natural attractions was nearby in the shape of Salse di Nirano. In rolling hills and beautiful countryside is a natural park with mini mud volcanoes. There is loads of underground methane in this part of Italy and in places it bubbles to the surface.
After a brief visit, we set off again in the direction of Pavullo to check out a sign pointing to a "Parco Faunistico". We eventually found where it lead to, but Longleat it wasn't... A place to return to by car with a picnic perhaps. It was more of a do-it-yourself nature trail. Running low on petrol, it was time to head home.
It was nice just riding around in the sun for a change and looking for places to return to at a later date.

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