Thursday, July 15, 2010

Desenzano Lago del Garda

So, here we are, back again after a bit of a break. What with the horrible weather we had in June and then trying to sort the garden out, we've had little time for bike trips!

Fortunately, penned into the diary for a while has been our annual trip up to Desenzano in Lake Garda to catch up with some dear friends of ours who take their holiday there. We tried to set out early on account of the incredible heat but with Google Maps and Italian road signs coming up trumps again, we managed to arrive a bit late, having arrived via the pretty route! The trip up is actually really lovely if you stay away from the motorway. It's one of my favourite trips. Also debuting on this trip was my lovely sheepskin seat cover that I've mentioned before. I have to say that it did make a difference to my rear-end comfort. It was really comfortable in spite of the 40 degree heat.
It was really good to see our friends again and catch up with the gossip from back home. After a cool drink in the shade and a chin wag, we headed off for lunch. We returned to Al Fattore, the restaurant we'd eaten at last year. We passed on dessert and went off for a delicious ice cream.
After a little look around the town, we returned to the hotel for another cold drink in the shade and more chat. We left a little later than we intended so returned on the motorway.
I love these yearly get-togethers!

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