Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Turkey Trip Countdown

Well, the packing's going okay, and we might have a working itinerary. Most of the shopping is done and the cats' food is prepared and labelled.

Apart from a few bits and pieces, this is largely all we're taking. This is all our clothes and my trusty sheepskin. Clothes I'm taking are:

3 x wicking, quick-dry tee shirts for under the bike jacket
2 x quick-drying shirts for evenings out
2 x quick-drying trousers (one of which converts into shorts)
2 x quick-drying shorts
3 x wicking, quick-drying wash and wear knickers
2 x wicking, quick-drying wash and wear bras
3 x wicking, quick-drying wash and wear socks
1 x wicking, quick-drying camisole
Swimming costume (you never know...)
Microfibre dressing gown
Pashmina (good for if I have to cover my head up ;-)    )
Lightweight fleece
Vibram FiveFingers Sprints
Flip flops
Toiletries all in little bottles

This lot's so lightweight, it takes up hardly any space at all. I'm pleased with how that's all gone in! The rest will go in the top box and hopefully the bike won't be too overloaded!

With the help of Bing Maps (Google Maps couldn't calculate any of the trips, so thanks for that Google, came up trumps again on the navigation front...), a 1:400,000 scale map and just arrived Lonely Planet guidebook, we have an embryonic tour cobbled together. Our constraints are the amount of time we need to get to and from Turkey and we can't really be back later than the 15 August because of leaving the cats for too long. So here is a preliminary list of intended destinations, taking in the trip down and back:

Modena - Slavonski Brod (Croatia) - Plovdiv (Bulgaria) - Çanakkale (Over the Dardanelles by ferry - base to visit Troy) - Selçuk (for Ephesus) - Eğirdir - Konya - Ürgüp (Cappadocia) - Ankara - Mudurnu (to visit Lake Abant) - İstanbul - Edirne - Niš (Serbia) - Zagreb - Modena

This trip has changed many times over the last 24 hours, so watch this space!

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